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Penny Roox – Sad Sad Dreams [Review]

Penny Roox – Sad Sad Dreams [Review]

Penny Roox brings the sounds of the 60s to the present with her latest tune, Sad Sad Dreams.

Inspired by the likes of Elvis and old American social guidance films, Penny Roox blends the old with the new seamlessly. There’s the slow-moving, fantastically fluid bass and guitar swing, and the pitch-perfect vocal melody which creates a retro feel right from the start. It’s no wonder she has set her standards high with her dream to write a James Bond soundtrack in the future – and why not?!

The 24-year-old Dutch native has songwriting maturity in abundance. Everything on this track is meticulously placed, with each little nuance having its rightful home in the arrangement. It’s easy to see the comparisons to another talented, mature-beyond-her-years singer, Dusty Springfield. So, sit back, relax, and let Penny Roox take you back to the olden times.

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