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Pedro English – Verizon [Review]

Pedro English – Verizon [Review]

Pedro English shares his latest track Verizon.


In anticipation of his upcoming project Sir English later this year, Pedro English treats us to his latest tune Verizon. It’s a tune that’s filled with solid hip-hop traits and lo-fi rhythms. The vocal flow is well constructed and floats along with the samples in the background excellently. The whole vibe sets the track up for a calmingly pleasant listening experience.

You can tell that early era Kanye West is a key influence here, along with others, such as Lupe Fiasco. Pedro English produces the same lucid flow and eloquent vocals that the late 00s hip-hop artists possess. The use of samples is second to none, and the beat provides a welcoming edge to the track. Keep your eyes peeled for Sir English later in the year.

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