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Paul Clancy – Sleep Script [Review]

Paul Clancy – Sleep Script [Review]

Sleep Script is the new 5-track EP from Dublin-based singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Paul Clancy.

The EP kicks of with the Radiohead-esque vibes of ‘Scene One’. This is a charmingly melancholy introduction to Clancy’s sound, and a well-structured song that glides along pleasantly, leaving just enough held back to keep you on the hook.

As track two enters the fray, Clancy’s range of influences becomes apparent. ‘Let Me Take You Home’ draws heavily from acoustic folk and relies on Clancy’s soft but endearing vocals. These acoustic sensibilities continue into ‘Pour Traits’, which puts forward a more subdued and unhurried style, bringing in well-placed backing strings to complement mellow guitar lines.

The before you know it, the drums kick back in for ‘Backwards in My Dreams’, which is clearly an ode to the timeless sound of The Beatles amongst other 60s influences, with solid hooks and bluesy solos.

Clancy plays us out with ‘Slow Motion Picture’. More experimental in style, this final track builds gracefully to reach a haunting, instrumental crescendo.

Home-recorded and self-produced with Jason Darigan, Sleep Script is a diverse release encompassing a wide musical spectrum. Paul Clancy’s strong musicianship shines through on every track, drawing influences from some of guitar pop and alternative music’s greatest sons.

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