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With enough plugging and cajoled media rumpus, this latest track from Pattern Pusher, Lose Myself, could go far.

Whether it does or does not depends on many things. But, ignoring chance, right place right time, and commercial radio’s sycophantic obsession with 10 or so ‘stars’ at any one time, this potential floor filler could remain irritatingly dormant.

The tune itself is part-conventional banger with a probable, but with a Big Audio Dynamite equivalent level of samples. Samples of metal plates spinning on tables, and pencils (yep, pencils – remember them from Art class?) as oppose film scores, but either way brilliant to hear such dedication to break conventionality. Something for the fanatic or aficionado? Or, better still the guy of the radio who’s trying to understand the track, but misses the point – ‘And at number 7 in the charts…this one’s got pencils in it, aint it…’ Yes, it does mate, yes, it is.

Recording pedigree with John Cornfield of Muse and Oasis involvement assists in the studio recording of the track which connects with band member Ben’s grandmother and her 90-year-old friend in a Tony Hart inspired video. Magic.


Review by Craig Beauman

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