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‘Patagonia’, the lead track on Patawawa’s debut EP, sits wonderfully between disco and funk and has recently received a brand new video courtesy of French animators Regards Coupables.

Earlier this year the Matlock-based trio were picked as one of NME’s best new bands, and on this evidence it’s easy to see why. ‘Patagonia’ is a vibrant and rhythmic affair with jazz undertones, provoking an energetic reaction from the listener due to its buoyant tone. After mere seconds the song had me smiling, subconsciously tapping my feet, and bobbing my head, which speaks volumes of its liveliness and vibrancy.

The track is held together by a persistent beat, smooth vocals and cool instrumentals, and is now perfectly complemented by a vivacious video. Said video is bold, colourful and stimulating, capturing the spirit of the song and further amplifying its cosmopolitan style.

It’s a fun and absorbing tune which immediately endears the listener to Patawawa and hints at their potential. Regards Coupables’ video is simple yet effective, depicting the kinds of movements that the song evokes, and with BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson recently picking ‘Patagonia’ as his “track of the week” the group are going from strength to strength.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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