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Relationship woes often weave their way into every aspect of our lives. They’re sneaky little rascals, but as much pain as they cause, something good can come from that struggle every once in a while—and ‘Good Enough’ has done exactly that.

The newest release by Los Angeles-based Parker Matthews is a retrospective, emotional journey of discovering worth amid struggling with feeling like you’re not enough—in life, in a relationship, as a family member. True to the pop genre Matthews has successfully carved out his own voice in, ‘Good Enough’ is relatable, karaoke-worthy and perfect for moody strolls in the rain (or maybe even an Grammy-worthy shower performance).

Parker has created a continuation of the platform he strives to create within his fan base; his relatable, personal songs are practically a diary entry written to each listener, new or returning. With Parker, there’s no illusion, no elaborate clapbacks at those who have hurt him. Just vibrant, raw music that keeps fans coming back.

Although the message of the song instantly qualifies it to be in the running for a multitude of rom-coms, its slow demeanor—though emotional and unrestrained—lacks the anthem status so many pop hits strive for, like Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’ or even Selena Gomez’s ‘Who Says.’ I want to sing along to this song and cry, not sing along to this song and remind myself of the amazing person I am.

Above all, ‘Good Enough’ is an important reminder to listeners to always be their own #1 fan—though something tells me someone has already claimed Parker Matthews.


By Madison Obermeyer

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