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PANDDA – Falling For You [Review]

PANDDA – Falling For You [Review]

Picking up his first guitar at age 7, it’s safe to assume PANDDA has worked hard enough (and long enough) in order to create a catchy melting pot of R&B like melodies, EDM textures, and the classic pop song form.

This mid-tempo track features what was most likely unintentional but nevertheless an interesting outcome- a twinge of a western feel during the verses. During the intro, a lead guitar sings the catchy melody that sits underneath the PANDDA’s voice and will later return during the chorus, making the song feel somewhat danceable, or at the very least deserving of a head bop.

The lyrics aren’t the most complex, which leaves the listener plenty of room to really soak in PANDDA’s musicality. The harmonic layering of vocals on certain lyrics in the verses and chorus is a nice ode to dance music while still staying in the frame of pop music.

Another fantastic decision PANDDA makes is replacing a sung bridge with a soulful guitar solo. Fallingforyou is the ‘everything bagel’ of songs, providing a listener with a variety of genres and attitudes that will keep you entertained the whole song through.


Review by Tymie Jadagu

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