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Pale Puma – A Universe [Review]

Pale Puma – A Universe [Review]

Pale Puma has released his latest dream pop tune A Universe.

A Universe is the newest track from Pale Puma, taking you on a journey filled with uplifting synth tones and dream-like vocal melodies. The easy going vibe makes it a pleasure to behold. It’s finely crafted with the catchiness of a pop song, fused with the lucidity of a psychedelic banger. All this is nicely wrapped up by the fantastic production that’s on show.

There are many influences creeping in here, ranging from the playful melodies of The Beatles, to the understated vocal sound of today’s indie artists. A fine balance is struck between the retro and new. It has all the best bits of a memorable pop tune and the edginess of a mellow indie hit. It doesn’t take long to see that this is a outstanding listening experience from start to finish.

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