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P Dot – Ghetto Paradise [Review]

P Dot – Ghetto Paradise [Review]

Birmingham based rapper P Dot has released debut EP featuring collaborations with Crizzy and WhoisPDP.

Ghetto Paradise is slick, well-produced record, blending big beats with expert delivery and hard-hitting lyrical content.

This 6 track EP deals with the realities of urban life in one of Britain’s biggest cities, with the lyrical content reflecting some of these struggles. The visual element is clearly important to P Dot, who has released 6 videos with P110 and Ghetto Starz UK. The official video for the single ‘On The Low’ is currently available on YouTube.

Inspired by 2 Pac, P Dot began rapping when he was 13 experimenting with UK garage and rap styles. Signing with Ghetto Starz UK he has released 7 singles and is now ready to release his full EP featuring all new songs.

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