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O’Sullivan – Little Bird [Review]

O’Sullivan – Little Bird [Review]

Little Bird is the first single from solo artist O’Sullivan.

Since turning his back on a career on medicine, O’Sullivan has toured worldwide with his former band and has now decided to go it alone. Little Bird is the first of a number of songs that he decided should now see the light of day. It’s a bittersweet, heartwarming track about a woman that he loves, combining catchy rhythms and angelic vocals to create a tone that is perfectly suited to the topic.

You have the indie-folk stylings of a Peter, Bjorn & John banger. The infectious, low key guitar melody forces you to sway merrily along. The stellar vocal range glides sweetly over the rhythmic soup, bringing in an indie rock vibrancy to the otherwise sultry tune. Little Bird is a perfect example of a solo artist stamping his sound on a well rounded and thoroughly enjoyable track.

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