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Oskar Braves – Discover [Review]

Oskar Braves – Discover [Review]

‘Discover’ is a joyfully melodic profile of how people use social media to make themselves feel better.

Forming in just 2016, Edinburgh band ‘Oskar Braves’ have already supported indie powerhouses such as Catfish and the Bottlemen and Blossoms in their mere 2 year existence. However, when you listen to a track like ‘Discover’ it’s not hard to see how they did it. Channeling the energy and atmosphere of 80’s new wave bands such as The Cure and New Order, Oskar Braves craft an intoxicatingly euphoric and melodic anthem about how annoying people can be online.

Singer David Stephens has an incredibly strong voice, and despite the higher notes in the chorus, he seems like he’s singing completely comfortably, and you can’t help but think that he can push his vocal chords far more. The slight hint of reverb is an incredibly intelligent element to the track, and makes the sound far bigger, giving it the potential to fill every single corner of the room that it’s played in. The lyrics perfectly encapsulate the countless number of people mundanely expressing how great their lives are online, with the higher notes in the chorus almost coming off as a wail of frustration.  

Oskar Braves are a band that seem to be touring at every opportunity they get, and played a number of festivals last summer. They don’t have any concrete tour dates for the UK right now, but be sure to follow them on social media (ironically of course) to find out when they do. My guess is that their recorded sound translates brilliantly into a live show.


Review by Joseph Russ

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