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ONODERA – Man Look Like [Review]

ONODERA – Man Look Like [Review]

Here’s ‘Man Look Like’ the latest track from upcoming rapper, producer and illustrator ONODERA.

This is a hip-hop cut from the old-school. Harp samples gliding alongside a lo-fi beat generate the perfect ambiance from which the listener can truly focus on the intent of ONODERA’s straight shooting lyrical content. Shout out to producer Jar Jar Jnr for setting the tone perfectly.

ONODERA’s flow and delivery nods to rap royalty like Common and perhaps Lupe Fiasco to an extent. His manner is subtle yet hard-hitting, repeating phrases to emphasise the cut’s overriding themes, without comprising on lyrical diversity in the process.

‘Man Looks Like’ strength is in its simplicity. It’s modest main hook feels native, placed naturally within the track’s slick verses. If you’re a fan of lo-fi hip-hop, or understated R&B, the vibes on this one will be right up your street. When it comes to hip-hop, this is my kind of sound.


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