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Ombra – Save The Date [Review]

Ombra – Save The Date [Review]

“Save the Date” is the latest colourful track by indie/alternative band Ombra.

The powerful lyrics will have everybody singing along within seconds due to its infectious tune. Throughout the track, there is an element of feel-good factor about it. There is a mixture of both an up-beat, energetic vibe, and a calmer, much softer one too, which portrays the outstanding music ability of Ombra.

Ombra were first established in 2014, and within the four years of playing as a band they have achieved immense accomplishments. Ombra have won significant  local award in Mallorca such as O San Sebastià back in 2016, Hard Rock Rising in 2016, and Granada Sound in 2017.

Their first L.P, Welcome/Goodbye, was released in 2016 and was also edited by Ombra themselves. “Walk up The Walls”, Ombra’s second LP was however recorded by Diorama Sound and mastered by Manuel Colmenero Sonobox.


Review by Victoria Harris

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