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Olivia Reid – Organic Bloom [Review]

Olivia Reid – Organic Bloom [Review]

Olivia Reid’s ‘Organic Bloom’ is a perfect example of the beauty that can be achieved with an acoustic guitar teamed with exquisite vocals.

With heavy folk influences, this track captures you in the moment and almost drifts you away to a secluded land.

Opening with just a simple acoustic guitar, Olivia’s voice soon kicks in, and has a gentle innocence to it.  The vocals are produced to resonate an echo in places, creating a comforting sound.  Her voice is pure and authentic, and displays a phenomenal vocal range, and it’s met with subtle backing vocals which help to emphasise the lead.

The track maintains a steady yet fairly slow rhythm from the start, before towards the end when a fantastic instrumental starts to build up, allowing the listener to really notice all the different instruments now being introduced.  The saxophone particularly stands out, before they come to a halt and the track fades to an end on a simple vocal.

This is a tranquil and hypnotic track, and at just 19, Olivia is definitely making her mark as an acoustic pro.


Review by Helen Radford

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