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Oliver Marson has released his debut single ‘Cocaine Romance.’

The narrative lullaby of gothic rock vocals blends geniously with a synthetic pop pulsing throughout the track.

According to Marson’s ‘About’ page on his YouTube channel, his music “is only interested in one kind of performance: acknowledging the dark side of human nature, and our inability to never know who we truly are.”

Marson’s stunning rendering of the tortured and tempted human psyche in ‘Cocaine Romance’ solidifies his undeniable skill, hinting at influences such as The Smiths and David Bowie. To describe this debut in a more visual light, it is as if the Arctic Monkeys met a 1980s horror film. That new-wave influence amplifies the rising nostalgia of contemporary film and music; Marson is so successful in his nod to the genre that if I were told this song was in fact a product of the 80s, I would believe it.

The contemporary aspect of the synthetic pop heartbeat racing through the track brings listeners back to 2019, resurfacing from the nostalgia of Marson’s transformatory single. Fans of gothic rock and modern synthetic music will be drawn to the katabasis of illicit substances and toxic realities distorted in ‘Cocaine Romance.’


Review by Madison Obermeyer

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