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Oli Hanniford – Berry Gin [Review]

Oli Hanniford – Berry Gin [Review]

Lose yourself with this latest offering from Oli Hanniford.

Quietly and unassumingly, creating a local London and increasingly wider following, Hanniford’s Berry Gin is a tune layered in recounting that moment when you meet someone out and about, clubbing perhaps, where the real world is paused just long enough to love and live a little before returning to reality.

This is very much a moment song, a trilogy if you like. It’s the tune after the getting to the club tune mooching about, seeing what’s happening, checking out the tunes, the DJ and the obvious: the opposite, or the same sex. Whatever you like. Berry Gin sits in-between this landing, and the final take-off – the going home with ‘someone you quite like’. Berry Gin is the bump into, or the balls (or whatever the female equivalent is?) to say or imply “Hey, let’s go. Let’s grove. Let’s lose ourselves’. Hallucinogenic, it’s not, but it’s not far off. Lush.

Jumping, and swirling disco beats meet with a necessary Disco 2000 sound system of layered, jangling slick guitar chords moving up and down traditional key changes that mirror that let loose feeling. Folk music may have its foot-tapping smoking lines, Berry Gin has its knee raising your rolling arms impact. ‘Nice move, did you make it up?’ Who cares? I’m still in the moment.


Review by Craig Beauman

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