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oddnesse – Hot Air [Review]

oddnesse – Hot Air [Review]

Songwriter and producer oddnesse shares her latest track Hot Air. 

Taking a different direction lyrically, oddnesse’s latest banger explores the relationship we have with the universe, as well as dreams and death. On first glance, you would think that the track is another fluffy, maybe even twee, bit of indie/bedroom pop that is perfect for having in the background whilst you go about your business. Hot Air is different. The abstract lyricism and darker grunge tones create a sound that is catchy, yet absolutely mind-blowing.

You have all the wonderful traits of an indie-pop masterpiece, as the lightly dusted vocals meander over the top of the lively bassline. However, you get your first taste of the darker, cosmical vibes in the first chorus. Like all good chorus’, they come along every so often in a song, repeating a message each time. The change in dimension fits excellently with the themes of the track, giving the feeling of a certain inevitability, just like death and dreaming. Be sure to check this and her other tunes out because you will be in for a treat.

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