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Ocean Child – Fever Dream [Review]

Ocean Child – Fever Dream [Review]

Ocean Child shares his latest tune Fever Dream.

It’s been a busy year or so for Chigaco based Ocean Child. Following on from his 2019 debut EP, How To Keep Someone From Disappearing, Fever Dream is the title track from his upcoming EP. Lyrically it stays true to his previous music, looking into the feeling of holding yourself back even though your emotions may be telling you something different. It’s a mature take on something that everybody can relate to from time to time.

The main thing that makes this track so memorable is the killer bassline. It’s so funky that you can’t help but bop along to it. There’s also an easy-going charm that surrounds the track. You can play it anywhere, at any time. It’s such a difficult skill to master, however, Ocean Child does this effortlessly making it seem like he was born to do this. Carrying on from his busy 2019, Ocean Child is taking that momentum forward with big plans in the pipeline.

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