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Obsidian Cane ft. Lyriqé – I’m Good [Review]

Obsidian Cane ft. Lyriqé – I’m Good [Review]

I’m Good is the latest track from Obsidian Cane.

Enlisting the help of Lyriqé, Obsidian Cane has released a splendid throwback to the golden age of 00s R&B. It has the perfect amount of sensuousness and catchiness, bringing a pure feeling of nostalgia in the process. The elegant choice of R&B hooks and pitch-perfect vocals complement each other excellently, ensuring that this track stays with you for ages.

After meeting through Instagram in 2020, Obsidian Cane and Lyriqé forged their working relationship. The partnership has produced a number of tunes, all of which are linked to Obsidian Canes record label, Reset Records UK. I’m Good is definitely one to watch out for, as well as further releases from this perfect combination of artists.

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