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Nyiko – One U Luv [Review]

Nyiko – One U Luv [Review]

Bedroom pop synth artist Nyiko follows up last year’s heart-on-sleeve anthem ‘Bad @ Luv’ with similarly titled moody ballad ‘One U Luv’.

Moody post-punk and spacious guitars create a unique soundscape that is able to cut through the atmosphere. They have created a conversation between lovers; addressing the complexities of wants vs. needs and love vs. lust. This all mixed together has created a track which can only be described at perfectly soothing comforting the most distressed of souls.

Nyiko, pronounced ‘nee-koh’, is an American recording artist, producer, and visual artist and after getting fed up of the sub-zero Northeastern winters, they relocated to the never-ending summer of California. Here they continued exploring their signature brand of synth-pop, new wave, and post-punk. After a few months of being in the area Nyiko was featured in MTV News and AV Club for their viral commercial work with ‘Disney Raps’ – a Disney-made web series focusing on hip hop tributes to their classic films and shows.

Nyiko’s recent single, ‘In The Middle’, received praises across the online music community with International House of Sound calling the track “an instant classic… that gets better and better with each replay of the song.” After only being out for just over a week we shall see how well his latest dreamy installation pans out.


Review by Charlie Hall

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