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NYIKO – Call The Boys [Review]

NYIKO – Call The Boys [Review]

NYIKO shares his latest synth-pop single Call The Boys.

Underneath the uplifting synth-pop tones lies a serious message. ‘I wanted to take a hard look at the outdated notions of manhood…and how they negatively impact everyone’ NYIKO explains. He has taken this idea and has created Call The Boys; a reactionary piece to the various mass shootings that continue to rock America. NYIKO astutely addresses the fact that it is predominantly young white men that commit these crimes through clever imagery and clinically catchy tones.

Listening to the track reminds me of the first time I heard The Smiths. The matter of fact vocals sway over the sharp bassline and jangly guitar progressions. Like the 80s indie band, NYIKO takes a strong subject and makes it palatable, evoking a real affinity with what he is saying. Call The Boys is a brilliant throwback to the past that utilizes the present to make it instantly likeable.

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