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Normal Average People – Lemo // Memo [Review]

Normal Average People – Lemo // Memo [Review]

Lemo // Memo is the second single from the London rock outfit Normal Average People.

Be prepared for a raucous blast from the past with the latest single from Normal Average People. There’s so much going on here, with the tight arrangement and big sound hitting you like an unstoppable force. Stylistically similar to contemporary US band Ulrika Spacek, Normal Average People have produced the perfect blend of head-bopping swing and grunge-like dirtiness.

As you take on this rock juggernaut, you become mesmerised by the talent that’s on show. The peaks and troughs come at exactly the right moments. The vocals vary from angelic to brash and loud, with the raw passion that ebbs and flows, gripping you tightly. It’s a cauldron of 60s swing and 90s post-punk, which sole purpose is to get you moving in any way you feel right.

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