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No Kind of Rider – Savage Coast [Review]

No Kind of Rider – Savage Coast [Review]

‘Savage Coast’ is the second single from indie rock five-piece No Kind of Rider.

Following up on the band’s first single, ‘Distinct’ (which you can listen to below), the track’s title is in reference to the Oregon Coast and is inspired by its jagged rocks and numerous shipwrecks. The song is about a relationship which has reached a critical point – the moment when the good and bad parts have to be weighed up against one another to decide if things should continue – and this is effortlessly conveyed through lyrics like ‘on the open sea you belong to me, what about when we hit shore?’.

‘Savage Coast’ begins with powerful drum beats before guitar chords intervene and bring a contemplative feel to the opening seconds, easing the listener into what is a moody first verse. The track is an ode to a location and the feeling that it arouses, and infusing this into an angsty love song is no easy task. However, on this occasion the melding of pop and electronic indie rock is perfectly measured and the track demands your attention throughout, never running out of steam or getting lost in melancholy.

‘Distinct’ amassed over 200,000 plays in a single month and was added to Spotify’s New Indie Mix and Ultimate Indie playlists, making No Kind of Rider a band to watch in 2018. Following on from that ‘Savage Coast’ is another fine example of the band’s increasing talent, and their ability to use a strong concept to create a pleasant sound is truly commendable.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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