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No Coast – All In My Head [Review]

No Coast – All In My Head [Review]

Indie pop outfit No Coast drop a surprise single on what it means to dip your toes into the pool of electronic music.

New track ‘All In My Head’ is the young groups hailing from Nashville’s mix of what it means to blend together the genre boundaries. Consisting of Electronic Producer Tate Gardner, Songwriter Manny Pyka, former Gospel Guitarist Tanner Jaksa and bass playing Texan Carter Blackstone ‘All in My Head’ represents the hardships of a relationship.

It focuses on the second guessing that comes naturally with the closing of a relationship blending airy vocals and poppy guitar trickles into colourful music. Guitar and synthy interchange that slot right into the current weather here in the UK bring a light fizz into the transition into summer from spring.

With this being the groups debut track they have thrown everything they have and know about making music into one track. Showing off as much as possible with the likes of funky sounds mixed in with the emotive powers demonstrated behind the lyrics.


Review by Charlie Hall

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