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No Alarms – Amateur Telephony [Review]

No Alarms – Amateur Telephony [Review]

“Amateur Telephony” is the newly released, high-energy single from No Alarms.

The track is energetic from start to finish with a unique sound portraying the brilliance of this up and coming band. The alternative style that shines through within this track credits the band massively, allowing it to shine out amongst other alternative bands.

This track is the second single from the bands forthcoming EP, which the band self-recorded in Texas and Detroit. “Amateur Telephony was also both mixed and mastered by Sefi Carmel.

Back in 2016, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Boles took a chance of relocating to Detroit in order to enhance his music-career. This was after nearly a decade of searching for the perfect sound to share with the rest of the world. However, after hearing the latest track, “Amateur Telephony”, it is clear to see that the move to Detroit has paid dividends. During Boles’ move, he decided to broaden his horizons within the music industry and leave his solo career in the past. Andrew then focused heavily on the five-piece band who share an undeniable bond. After recording and producing tracks, No Alarms music had now become the realized version of its intentions and ambitions.


Review by Victoria Harris

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