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Nissu shares the video for his latest track U.

U is the ultimate feel-good pop hit. Full of lively and uplifting touches, it’s hard not to come away feeling good about yourself. The pitch-perfect vocals and memorable rhythm are designed to let you forget about your worries and have your 2 minutes, 47 second moment of escape. Inspired by Nissu’s experience when a friend moved to the capital, U is the perfect ode to friendship.

For the video, Nissu personally reached out to a handful of celebrities to cameo, who you can spot throughout. The idea behind the video stemmed from his friend Jessica mentioning ‘I wish I could put you inside a box and take you wherever I go’ when she left town for the capital. With the help of director John Christoper, Nissu managed to get this idea wonderfully translated into video, and the result is right here.

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