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YellowStraps – Nights Up [Review]

YellowStraps – Nights Up [Review]

‘Nights Up’ is a taste of the debut EP from Belgian act YellowStraps, featuring the hypnotic vocals of Australian artist and producer St. South.

The track is a relaxed and soothing blend of soul and indie R&B, reminiscent of artists like Just Jack and perhaps more recently Jessie Reyez. The song builds slowly as St. South (Olivia Gavranich) entrances the listener with the story of a woman who is looking for more than friendship, hitting the first chorus with the line “I’ve seen too much to call you friend”.

‘Nights Up’ is a warm and restrained track with soft electronic instrumentals and a distinct sound, building towards a catchy hook (“look, just look the other way”) which is wonderfully complemented by alluring harmonies. It’s difficult to convey narrative through a song whilst maintaining such a laid-back tone, but a permeating sense of assurance from the artists keeps the listener’s attention throughout.

It’s a song which encompasses St. South’s self-described “easy chill” style and justifies YellowStraps’ Most Promising Artist Award at Red Bull Elektropedia in 2014, getting better every time you hear it.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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