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Night Cap – Love Plane [Review]

Night Cap – Love Plane [Review]

Hit play below and check out Night Cap’s sophomore single ‘Love Plane’.

There’s a time and a place to listen to this one – a unique piece that requires headphones and a peaceful spot to truly appreciate the space within the track.

It’s not necessarily a song that will catch your attention straight away, It takes nearly a minute to get into the meat of the track – but you’ll be more than forgiving when it’s riffs and harmonies begin to bloom together into quite the melodic treat.

There’s a timeless quality to the instrumentation, and it makes excellent use of the sonic space to create atmosphere. A bluesy guitar noodles light riffs, while the syncopated drums are wide and waltzing, and it all hangs over that distinctive brass synth riff backbone. The vocal performance is great here too, emotive on all the right levels and jumping between different rhythmic phrases makes the whole thing flow.

This track reads like a great book – it’s not necessarily easy to pick up immediately; but when you get what’s going on, and appreciate the sum of its parts, it’s absolutely beautiful.

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