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The New Faith – Fritter Away

The New Faith – Fritter Away

Fritter Away is the latest release from compelling Brighton-based outfit The New Faith, ahead of their debut album Me On You, which is set to drop at the beginning of October.

The band’s frontman, singer-songwriter Will Charlton, describes the new single as “a letter to my nephew to warn him of the future and what happens as you get older; the transition between youth and adulthood and the emotions he is still too young to understand”.

It’s a sincere and meaningful song, with engaging, orchestral overtones that hail to the likes of Nick Cave and The Editors. The lyrics are thoughtful and intriguing, while the symphonic melodies swell and drop perfectly to create a grandiose and majestic indie anthem.


The New Faith - Fritter Away


The New Faith are a refreshing voice on British indie scene, forging captivating tracks set against an array of perfectly-placed string sections, brass tones and backing singers. Their unique sound is somber and pensive, yet majestic and imposing, influenced by small town dreams, failure, loss and control -- and these universal, relatable concepts shine through on Fritter Away.

It’s rare to hear a such a haunting, melancholy sound executed quite so well, but The New Faith pull it off to great effect. Explaining the content of the band’s first album, Will stated:

“The tracklisting reflects the story from beginning to end. I moved to Berlin to follow the European Dream, had a break up and moved to Brighton not knowing where I really wanted to be. I tried to write songs to close the chapter. The idea is that as well as being a narrative of the past, the album is also an account of my relations with other people.”


The New Faith’s full debut album Me on You is available from October 6th.


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