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Netanya – Lemme Go [Review]

Netanya – Lemme Go [Review]

Inspired by popular dance and house music trends of 2016 and his knowledge of progressive house, Netanya is releasing a second edit of his popular track ‘Lemme Go’.

Complete with plucky synths and bass that builds to the main climax of energetic drums and deep bass after the chorus. Juxtaposed with this infectious energy is the sombre lyrical content which grapples with internalised guilt affecting relationships. ‘Lemme Go’ musically embodies the feeling of the need for space in life, with Netanya building space into the mix.

This new edit of ‘Lemme Go’ is the first single from the upcoming album entitled ‘With You’. Developing his sound from progressive house to inhabit this more commercial space, we see Netanya grow with his music. Usually working with female vocalists, ‘Lemme Go’ sees Netanya team up with Marco Finotti (RoundRobin) collaborating on both the lyrical content and with Marco providing the vocals. The original edit of ‘Lemme Go’ reached 100K streams in the first 5 months of being released.

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