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Neon Exdeath – Escape [Review]

Neon Exdeath – Escape [Review]

Escape is the debut album from LA-based synthwave producer Neon Exdeath.

‘Escape’ takes us on a cyberpunk journey across a synth-laced landscape, providing healthy doses of 80s cyberpunk and video game nostalgia.

This is a mainly instrumental record, drawing electro-rock and chillwave influences from the likes of Daft Punk, Tycho, Kavinsky and Carpernter Brut. But despite these familiar tones, Neon Exdeath have put a stamp on there own sound, serving up sweet electric vibes and robotic soundscapes.

The album progresses through a loose narrative, with the title track standing out as a personal favourite of ours. So if you’re a fan of groovy synth-lines and generally chilled electro-instrumental atmospheres, make sure to add this to your playlists!

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