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Neo Noir – Made For You (Feat. Brooke Williams) [Review]

Neo Noir – Made For You (Feat. Brooke Williams) [Review]

Listen to Los Angeles based Neo Noir’s latest single, Made For You – featuring Brooke Williams and released on the Lowly Palace label.

Neo Noir describe themselves as a ‘future music collective’, and while it’s true that both have been around for quite some time, this latest track certainly fits the desciption.

The song begins with crisp, energetic piano, which is repeated throughout the song. A voice shifts through from some distant place, sounding like it could be caught in a time vortex. This gives way to Brooke’s velvety vocals, as she carries us dreamily through the first verse.

At the chorus there are layered vocals, subtle echoes and intricate synths weaving through, creating an almost mystical sound. The beat then drops and there is a distinct trap/future bass sound that pushes through, big and bold. Vocals return distorted as the second verse cuts back in, in contrast. Brooke sings about “gypsies and mysteries ages ago.” I imagine summer rain falling in a hidden forest. Then I realise I am back to the beat dropping boom once more. This song is seriously moreish.

Neo Noir producers, Bradley Allan & Greg Ogan have impressive previous credits between them, including Bruno Mars, Anastacia, Donna Summer, Rihanna, Britney Spears and more. This isn’t the first time they have collaborated with Brooke Williams, who featured on a Neo Noirs song for the first time in April 2017, titled “When I Was Young,” currently sitting in the millions play wise on Spotify. Brooke also featured on NN’s wonderfully menacing and euphoric cover of Hole’s Violet.

All this should be more than enough to make anyone realise that both Neo Noir and Brook Williams are destined for more great things, whether together or on separate projects.


Review by Elaine Summers

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