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Neeco Delaf – If You Let Me feat. Flora Cash [Review]

Neeco Delaf  – If You Let Me feat. Flora Cash [Review]

The latest release, If You Let Me, by Neeco Delaf featuring Flora Cash is mesmerizing and captures the listener within the first few seconds.

The soft vocals complement the track massively and gives it a soft, mellow feel which is then contradicted by the up-beat, catchy chorus which can only be compared to experiencing a synth filled dream. The entire track will leave you begging for more from Neeco Delaf, as it soothes yet excites you at the same time.

Neeco Delaf has recently released his debut EP titled “In the Night” after tremendously achieving over 400k plays on Spotify. Neecp Delaf has also featured on the Café Del Mar volume 22 compilation. The lead track of the newly released EP, the enthralling “If You Let Me” was co-written with the immensely talented Scandi/US duo, Flora Cash.

Flora Cash is a credit to the debut EP as they are international blog favorites. They have previously been compared to Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes by Noisey, Earmilk and Nylon. There is a prominent Bon Iver feel to “If You Let Me” with its relaxing, yet entrancing vocals. Listening to the lead track of the new EP promises great things for both Neeco Delaf and Flora Cash in the near future.


Review by Victoria Harris

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