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Naxxos ft Dionne Bromfield – Animals [Review]

Naxxos ft Dionne Bromfield – Animals [Review]

Dionne Bromfield has teamed up with Austrian DJ and producer duo Naxxos on the addictive new track ‘Animal’.



Doused in sultry vibes, it’s a funk-laced pop anthem showcasing Dionne’s seductive vocals alongside synth smooth melodies.

Sounding like the love child of jazz soul fusion and electronic future beats, this is taken from Naxxos’ EP of the same name, which is well worth checking out in its entirety.

This latest offering from the illustrious electronic production duo is testament to their longevity and signature sound, as well as Dionne Bromfield’s awesome and all-too-underrated voice, who’s career deserves a trajectory towards further success.

Rather than releasing a traditional music video, Naxxos opted to put out a live performance video, which you watch in all its glory below.


Naxxos (Feat. Dionne Bromfield) "Animal" Live Performance Video | UPROXX

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