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Nav’s Hook – Letters [Review]

Nav’s Hook – Letters [Review]

Letters is the latest track to be released from Nav’s Hook.

Nav’s Hook is a one-man band, who has honed his talent travelling all over the world. After stints in Hungary, Cyprus and the USA, Nav is now back in his native India, using the influences he’s picked up along the way to create what is before us. Just by listening to Letters, you get a pure sense of these different musical influences, including The Beatles and Joe Cocker.

Letters is a silky smooth, easy-going track that is designed to make you sway. From the first second you are drawn in by the welcoming bass and guitar tones, and the infectious beat. Nav produces an effortless swing in his music, similar to bands like early Maroon 5. There’s also a nod to the blues-rock era with funky hooks and sensuous vocal lines. Letters is a track that is made to stick on during these long summer nights.

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