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Naught For Nothing – Lucid [Review]

Naught For Nothing – Lucid [Review]

Hot off of their inaugural album released earlier this year, Naught for Nothing are back with a new single Lucid.



The band have fused elements of alt and math rock-esque grooves, to produce a truly infectious cut in Lucid. It’s a track that keeps you on your toes, switching up melodies and rhythms throughout. It’s this combination of the unpredictable and familiar that really grabs your attention and holds it.

There are hints of Radiohead or perhaps even a more mellow Muse, especially within the soaring vocals, which rise and fall perfectly, while complementing the changeable and captivating instrumental layers.

Explaining the meaning behind the track, Naught For Nothing say:

Lucid looks at moments of clarity in daily life, exploring whether we should give in to our nature or fight it, creating a complex conversation held within an easy melody. The idea of ‘right or wrong’ sits beneath every lyric, building as the song progresses.”

Naught For Nothing are an compelling outfit, putting an impressive and exciting spin on an alternative sound. Keep an eye on these guys.


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