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Virtues is the mesmerising debut track from Nathaniel Paul.

Written during the tentative onset of the lockdown, Virtues is an introspective journey through Nathaniel’s personal world view. Fed up with how the world has become disassociated with the core ideals that make up humanity, Virtues is Nathaniel’s way of exploring that idea through emotive lyricism and jaw-dropping musicality. It’s a wonderfully powerful song on a subject that’s often hard to convey to its full extent.

The beautiful thing about this track is the sense of cautious optimism that’s apparent here. Through shy guitar tones and a haunting vocal melody, there’s a hopefulness that things can change for the better. As you wander through the spellbinding talent that’s on show, it’s like a huge weight is starting to be lifted. Virtues is the first single from Nathaniel’s upcoming album, which I’m sure you won’t want to miss out on.

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