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Nate Qi – Collide [Review]

Nate Qi – Collide [Review]

Have a listen to the debut single from Jakarta-born, Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer Nate Qi. This is ‘Collide’.

Nate Qi harness obvious synth-pop influences with more subtle folk sensibilities to create a track filled with plenty of heart, soul and sincerity.

Collide is a gentle ride with comforting vocal melodies. There’s not a lot to unpack with this one necessarily, as the song maintains its mild rhythms throughout, but it does offer a calming listen – one that you’ll have no issues with hitting the replay button on more than a few times.

Nate’s softly spoken lyrics convey a feeling of honesty, tinged with both hope and apprehension. Nate describes the song himself as a tribute to the fluttery feelings in the stomach when you are at a juncture in life, ready to take a chance and surrender to the metaphorical abyss down the cliff. It’s about knowing that the chance of failure is high but taking a leap forward anyway.

We’re definitely digging this one. So if you haven’t already hit play on ‘Collide’ above and follow Nate Qi on Facebook for all the latest.

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