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Natalie Hein – Toxic [Review]

Natalie Hein – Toxic [Review]

LA based Natalie Hein shares her latest indie-folk number Toxic.

Since Natalie was a small child her passion for music was there. Early memories of listening to folk and jazz music with her father are what set her off on the path to becoming the artist she is today. With a unique blend of folk-inspired vocals and indie guitar hooks, Natalie has produced a sound that is equally cosy and memorable. It’s such a pleasure to behold.

It’s clear to see Natalie’s main influence is Feist. Like the contemporary alt-folk artist, Natalie brings the tenderness of a folk ballad and fuses it with the catchiness of a pop hit. Toxic also has the vivid, yet seemingly effortless lyrical mastery. The words linger and stay with you for a while after the track has finished. Be sure to check this one out as you will not be forgetting this one in a while.

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