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Natalie Duque – Gemini EP [Review]

Natalie Duque – Gemini EP [Review]

Gemini is the latest mini-EP from Natalie Duque.

The two-track EP is the latest to be released by the talented LA-based singer/songwriter. Its name is taken from Duque’s birth sign and features the tracks Know Me Better and Silence Hurts More. Both tracks centre around the same theme of frustration in relationships. The former is more to do with when a partner makes you out to be the bad person and the latter focuses more on communication problems within a relationship.

They are two honestly written and well-crafted pieces of pop music, with added subtleties of country thrown in for good measure. Know Me Better is the liveliest of the two, as Duques powerful vocals soar over the brilliant guitar work and country-rock rhythm. Silence Hurts More takes a more sombre approach as the piano is brought in and used to excellent effect. There’s a more vulnerable side to this track which is conveyed through the ballad-like atmosphere created throughout. Gemini is a top piece of pop music that’s designed to take you by the hand and walk in Duques shoes.

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