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NAALA – Splintered Window [Review]

NAALA – Splintered Window [Review]

Introducing the ambient new track Splintered Window from electronic R&B artist NAALA.


NAALA - Splintered Window [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


A hybrid between electronica and elemental RnB; NAALA’s sound is a rich multi-layered landscape, built from sounds that have been self recorded, processed and produced. Coupled with beautiful punchy melodies, her new song Splintered Window overflows with the delicate complexities of modern British and African storytelling.

Growing up in London with a myriad of colourful Ghanaian traditions, NAALA learnt that the function of music and dance meant much more than just a means to celebration, they were also used to impart knowledge; to share stories and life lessons. NAALA likes to think of her work as ‘music for sharpening the mind and blurring the senses’. Into this mix come French horns, traditional African drums and a collection of found sounds.

Recent shows include Little Tokyo presents at Omeara. Supporting Hot Chip at Amnesty International’s ‘Give a Home’ event and a sold out show at Servant Jazz Quarters.

Speaking about the track, NAALA says:

“Splintered Window is a song to remind people that even when you feel broken and unworthy, there is a profound beauty in all of those small broken pieces.”


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