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My Ultra Violet – Islands [Review]

My Ultra Violet – Islands [Review]

Packed with enough shimmering sunshine to dissipate even the most ominous of dark rainclouds, LA’s My Ultra Violet deliver a blissful slice of summer dream pop.

Best known as the frontwoman of Magic Wands, the debut single from Dexy Valentine’s new project sees her forgo the darker, gothic-tinged sounds in favour of luscious melodies and swirling, iridescent atmospherics that are guaranteed to leave you in a semi-fugue state of joyful euphoria.

The track is essentially an evocative celebration of the delights and excitement of the early days of summer compressed into a four-minute pop song, at once delicate and laid back yet bursting with rhythmic energy. This is best exemplified in the nuances of Valentine’s beguilingly captivating vocals, which are in turn complimented by the hypnotic, slightly psychedelic shimmers of the intermittent synths.

Though clearly influenced by the first wave of 80’s dream pop bands, most notably in the Cocteau Twins-like atmospherics, ‘Islands’ is arguably just as indebted to the more direct elements of 80’s new wave; dipped in reverb rather than drenched in it, and with a strong emphasis on rhythm. This provides the track with a sense of fun and danceability which, for better or worse, is often absent in this type of music.

Though certainly not a massive departure from the music she was making in Magic Wands, Valentine, along with collaborators Coleman Moore and Phil Galloni, have hopefully set the tone for the summer ahead with this gorgeous and timely debut single that promises much ahead of the release of their debut E.P. Wilde later this year.


Review by Jamie George

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