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My Right Hand Son – Magic Screens [Review]

My Right Hand Son – Magic Screens [Review]

My Right Hand Son have released their jazzy number Magic Screens.

The first thing that jumps out is the variation the different parts have. It’s arranged fantastically, with each part doing its own thing. The jazz style guitar lets the song tick over nicely, with interesting chord progressions that pique your interest throughout.

You get a real vibe of Ariel Pink, particularly with the groove the track possesses. It sounds bold and twee at the same time, bringing intricacies that you would find in the American bands tracks. The vocals have a retro vibe to them too, similar to that of The Lemon Twigs. As a result, you get a track that just oozes with raw passion. You can tell that their heart and soul has been put into every aspect of this track, culminating in a fantastic bit of jazz infused indie rock.

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