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MXMS – The Run [Review]

MXMS – The Run [Review]

Gloomy, gothic and captivating.The Run’ is the newest single by the fantastic MXMS.

MXMS short for ‘Me and My Shadow’ are a self-described funeral pop band and their newest single is in keeping with their well-established eerie synth sound. Despite the songs gloomy vibe, the duo stated that tune ‘focuses on embracing your demons and vices’ in an effort to try and reduce the stigma around speaking out about personal struggles.

The song advocates being open about mental health and not being embarrassed to talk about any difficulties you may be experiencing. This is a warming and heart felt message from the duo in spite of the tracks spectral resonance. The psychedelic sound and the sonic texture of the song reminded me very much of the immersive and Avant guard nature of Lana Del Ray’s work. I honestly, love this single, its gothic nature is mesmerizing and I would definitely recommend adding this tune to your playlists.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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