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Mushroom People – LOWWS [Review]

Mushroom People – LOWWS [Review]

LOWWS, the latest release by Mushroom People, is a blast of psychedelic sunshine

Made up of two producers and a vocalist, Mushroom People push at the boundaries of musical genres to create pop music that’s good for the soul. Revelling in sun-soaked summer vibes from the outset, their latest single, LOWWS, sees the group crafting their own unique brand of chill funk, and the results are wonderful.

Meeting somewhere between psychedelia and tropical house, LOWWS opens to a chill beat that will immediately transport you to a better place. Despite being a gorgeously easy-going, feel-good track, Mushroom People aren’t afraid to get experimental with their sound on LOWWS. The track features a series of madcap samples, from a cat to a Korean radio announcement, but the production is tight enough to incorporate and transition between these sounds seamlessly.

All in all, LOWWS (which stands for ‘Lights On When We Sleep), is a beautiful ode to lovers and lazy summer days. The vocals are laid-back yet tender, and perfectly compliment the general theme of the track: ‘We should never stop getting high on easy love.’


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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