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MUNKY – One in Five [Review]

MUNKY – One in Five [Review]

This banger of a track comes from Dublin dance-punk outfit Munky. This is ‘One In Five’.

It’s a powerful song, both in style and subject matter, and comes storming out the blocks from the get-go with screaming riffs, driving bass and a hypnotic, thumping drum line.

Lyrically the track focuses on the ludicrous nature of victim blaming in the face of modern day rape culture. Frontman Zac Stephenson growls that it doesn’t matter what you were wearing, what the truth may be, it doesn’t the fact that statistically one in five women in the UK have been sexually assaulted, because “no one will believe you anyway”. And in fact, the band will be donating all income from the release to the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

This passion, intensity and desire to fight for what’s right truly comes across in every second of the track. The unique and continually shifting cadence of Stephenson’s vocals give it a gritty and raw edge, comprising dynamic tones and rhythms comparable to recent British breakthrough act IDLEs amongst other punk rock influences.

This really is a track not to be missed. Raw, raucous and sincere, Munky have a sound that’s sure to trigger primal movement in pits across the nation.

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