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Mullally – Sweet Coffee [Review]

Mullally – Sweet Coffee [Review]

Soulful vocalist Mullally has unleashed his superb new single Sweet Coffee.

Mullally - Sweet Coffee [Official Audio]

Mullally serves up a marriage of pop, RnB and neo-soul influences, all mixed and perfectly stirred into Sweet Coffee. Using his fantastic vocal range, as well as the undeniable talent of songstress Bassette, we think this rising star has created something pretty special.

Speaking of the track, Mullally says: “Sweet Coffee for me is exploring all the avenues of the analogy of someone being your ‘Sweet Coffee’. How someone can wake you up and keep you awake and excited all day. It’s referencing the addiction of new love and needing to go back to the same person every morning, every day, so that your ‘sweet coffee’ can wake you up. It’s youthful, it’s happy; it’s about young new love”

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