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Mr Swince – Beats on the Brain [Review]

Mr Swince – Beats on the Brain [Review]

Electronic music producer Mr Swince has dropped his latest techno-fuelled album Beats on the Brain.

This album moves through moods, from intriguing minimal beats to driving crescendo rhythms. It’s a journey sure to entice techno heads, no matter where you’re electro sound preferences lay.

We can also detect inspirations drawn from old school house music of the 80s and 90s, which brings a healthy dose of nostalgia to the record.

Beats on the Brain was produced in the South of France. During a summer of volunteering work there, Mr Swince discovered his love for techno again. Meeting people from all around the world during this summer abroad gave Mr Swince the inspiration to put his own twist on the techno genre.

Hailing from Oxford, England, Mr Swince finds passion in travelling the world and creating music. Swince also says that sticking to one genre is not an option for him as he enjoys mixing different genres together to find the best sound possible.

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