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Mr Gabriel – Tambourine [Review]

Mr Gabriel – Tambourine [Review]

Mr Gabriel presents a toe tappingly energetic new record, ‘Tambourine’, which fuses thunderous overdrive with a catchy rhythmic touch.

Right away there are various jams hitting it off. The bassline hits you first, with clapping hands, wavy vocal patterns and various whistles following next, all chiming in at the right place, producing an instantly likeable and memorable track. The overdriven effect comes later via the bass, guitars and vocals, giving a real oomph and a dirty slant to the high octane feel of the song. This creates a certain atmosphere of seediness which is unsurprising considering its a satire about the taxman.

But even if you don’t delve that deep into the track, you are still able to see it as a great pop rock anthem.

Mr Gabriel has managed to create something which strikes a chord from start to finish, allowing you to melt into the core of the song, allowing you to let your hair down for a few minutes during your day. Equally, this wouldn’t be out of place on a summer’s BBQ playlist down the park, accompanied with beers and burgers aplenty.

You don’t have to just take my word for it as ‘Tambourine’ is already out, along with other songs from Mr Gabriel’s repertoire. Although there isn’t anything in the pipeline gig wise, hopefully it wont be too long before he will be gracing a stage near you.


Review by Tom Crowder

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