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We’re stoked to unveil the brand-new video for Petrichor, the debut single from Oxford-based indie rock outfit MOTHER.


Josh Alden (guitar/vocals), Sam Alden (drums), Danny Fisher (guitar) and
Everton Barbato (bass),

Although this is MOTHER’s debut single, taken from their new EP Remnants of a Wasted Dream, the four-piece have been playing together under various names for years, and this permanency and is clear from their tight and focused sound, honed over years of musical graft.

History aside, there’s an infectious quality to Petrichor. MOTHER’s meta-indie influences haven’t held them back in a way seen all too often in emerging bands taking on this saturated scene. Swinging from punchy, menacing verses to a light and airy hooks, it’s a memorable track with a slick video to match.


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